Just Throwin Up

22 12 2009

No, not like vomit.  That’s gross.  I take a long time to get enough pictures I want to post these days.  Then, when I get enough pictures, I put off posting them on here because of how much I’d have to write about them and edit them and blah blah.  So, I’m just going to throw these pictures up, make a few comments, and be on my way, thank you.   They’re all unedited and from my 35mm SLR.

Sunshine Vibe

Tyson came to visit in July.  We rode down to Richmond and got some studio time in with Sirraj LK.  This is Tyson writing his verses (on his iPhone!).  Rappers are so tech-savvy, follow him on Twitter!

Ice Cream Float

Sometime towards the end of June we took a trip to Smith Mountain Lake.  The weather was great.  This was around sunset, right when we got there.  First time I’ve ever seen this though, an Ice Cream Boat, playing loud jingles and driving around on the lake.  What an awesome idea.

Rotund Laughter

My brother and his friend are college-shopping.  This was inside the famous Rotunda at UVA in Charlottesville, after the campus tour.  The boys were enjoying a good chuckle afterwards, probably at the expense of some vital, yet awkward, part of American history on display.

Beware of Tourists.

Sigh, Umair.  I don’t even know what to say.  This was also at Smith Mountain Lake.  I think he was upset about us not having started cooking for dinner yet.  Who really cares, this is just hilarious because of all the…foliage.

Huckleberry Finah

Hanif was fishing off the dock at Smith Mountain Lake, during sunset.

VA 2 Cali

Tyson shares what he’s written so far and Bukhari is seriously reconsidering his own verse.  Well…probably.  Follow him on Twitter too!

Feel the Love!

We had a great tri-family dinner at Food Corner to celebrate Father’s Day.  Afterwards, my cousin, who was about to leave home to start college at the end of summer, was getting lots of attention from the adults.  Oh, he loved it.


Who would’ve thought, walking through the streets of DC during the 4th of July weekend, you would run into Yusuf Islam and Hamza Yusuf, together!  This is why I keep a camera handy 🙂


After Father’s Day dinner, the fathers were surrounded by their wives and children in the parking lot.  There they stood, taking it all in, enjoying the time spent, reflecting on their blessings, and expressing their gratitudes.  Then again, this was like 6 months ago.  This could’ve just been where they were tired and ready to go home.  Hard to tell, really.  The former is a bit more poetic, I’ll stick with that.

From Boyz 2 Men

My dad tries to get the boys together for a group shot.  They grow ridiculously fast.  Just after this picture was taken, they each grew an additional 3 inches, and no longer fit in the frame.  This is the last known picture in which all shown individuals could actually fit into one shot.


My aunt and uncle.  So cute.  This was also on Father’s Day, though with this color scheme this would also be pretty perfect for Valentine’s Day.  I’ll tell them you said that.

Punjabi Corner

A few last jokes to wrap up the night.  A few more golden rays to wrap up the day.  A few last words to wrap up the post.  Thank you 🙂




4 responses

3 04 2010

anything new?

4 04 2010

got 3 more posts on the way, just tryinna find some time to put em together. soooon iA…..

12 05 2010

gosh, i’ve seen that pic of hamza yusuf and yusuf islam all over, great shot.

13 05 2010

Thanks! I put it up on facebook, have you seen it anywhere else?

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