Sun is Shining, Weather is Sweet..

16 05 2010

I’m not particularly big on Bob Marley.  This did seem like a fitting title for a post about Spring though, so…props Mr. Marley.  These are pics from the past few months of Spring.  There was plenty of great action from weddings, festivals and general hooliganry.  Enjoy 🙂

What Comes Next

Mohsin is a childhood friend and old neighbor who recently got married in Dayton, OH.  My family roadtripped to the ceremony at this baller convention center.  It was pretty impressive, here’s a picture of Mohsin and his baby sister waiting to begin.


My dad was kickin back in the hotel room after being the first to get ready for the wedding.


Adil was apprehensive about me taking a picture of him draped in flowers for fear of it showing up on the internet.  You were right, sorry.  I just really like the picture!

Scarved For Life

At the Intercultural Festival (ICF) at VCU in Richmond, Zee is rockin one of these retro Palestinian-ish scarves.  I doubt purple represents the struggle, but…whatever.  That is a fresh beard lineup though, I must say.


Mohsin stands out with his traditional Punjabi turban at his ceremony.  Here, he’s surrounded by friends and family before the procession enters the main hall.

Saba So Bright

Inside the main hall, towards the end of the ceremony, friends from our table were comparing items from their gift boxes.  I guess Saba was happy about all the goodies 🙂

Smörgåsbord of Culture

ICF takes place annually in Monroe Park, on VCU’s main campus.  This year, they had performances all day on two separate stages.  There were also food vendors and display tables for cultures from all around the world.  Here, students dressed in some cultural garb enjoy a performance.  How many cultures can you spot?


This is Maaaaaaz!

Play On PD, Play On

Project Downtown (PD) is an initiative we started back when I was at VCU.  The basic concept was to make food to distribute to the needy on a weekly basis, whilst reaching out and connecting with people to build positive relationships.  Thankfully, we were able to brand it as something fresh, as you can see from the ridiculously dope gear Hemy is rockin here.  They still carry on the legacy today, which is amazing to see.  There’s alot of good in it, inshaAllah they’re able to keep it up 🙂




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