Certified Wetards

21 06 2009

A few weeks ago, we took a road trip upto Jersey to compete in the Islamic Games.  Some genius thought it would be hilarious to name the team the VA Wetards.  Some other genius actually registered with that name, so we got stuck with it.  The entire time there, we regretted the decision and unofficially changed our name to just, “Virginia”.  Nice try.

We had an awesome time though, the tournament was pretty amazing, very well-planned and HUGE.  Lots of different sports.  Our soccer team got crushed, but on the upside, we had more time to visit NYC and Philly after being eliminated.  Alot of these pictures are from Bilal Mannan’s DSLR, which I was messing around with.  He’s got a Digital Rebel XT, pretty nice.  Made my shots come out much nicer than I expected.  I also threw in some film shots I took from that weekend.

Playa Stance

Victory Stance

Dahman and Bilal posing for the camera after we lost all of our games.  I took this laying down, hence the effect on the grass.  I think it looks pretty cool, that full-scale coverage.

Action Shot

Action Shot

We were trying to see if we could capture some action shots after the game.  I really like the way this one turned out, even though the focus is a little off.  This is def something I’d like to mess around with some more, we’ll see if I can improve this technique.

Notta Handme Down

Notta Handme Down

My bro was resting after the first game at Subway.  This lens was pretty crisp, feelin it.

Antie & Unkle

Antie & Unkle

This was actually from the Mother’s Day dinner at Food Corner, but I had the shot on another roll of film.  That’s one of the cool things about developing film, you see your pictures later and discover all the goodies that you forgot about.  I used to hate that, but now I really look forward to it.  It’s probably b/c I LOVE surprises 🙂

Bash In Defeat

Bash In Defeat

Bashar wasn’t taking the elimination from the tournament so well.  Actually, I don’t think he cared, we were all just really tired after playing.  On the upside, we had alot more time to act like tourists in NYC.  There’s always an upside.

Coach Boy

Coach Boy

Amer put together the whole trip and motivated the whole group to play in the tournament.  Big ups to him for putting in that effort.  This shot is part of a series of pre-game smiles and chuckles, while we were still suiting up.

No Shot

No Shot

Naushad, aka No Shot, was excited about the tournament.  This is in front of Mandarin in Springfield, where we met up before heading up to Jersey.  Great restaurant!  He really does have no shot though.  It’s quite sad.

Father n Son

Father n Son

Ok, so they’re not really father and son, but this pose makes me feel like they could be.



We had a great time meeting up with Bilal again.  Anytime we go up North, seems like we end up crossing paths.  Very awesome.  Thanks to him for letting me use his camera and for passing along the shots that came from it.




3 responses

4 10 2009
islamic games

nice blog brother mashAllah.

27 01 2010

I thought the auntie and uncle pic was from Father’s Day… At least that’s what you said in your other post…. Hmmm :^)

28 01 2010

haha i was hoping no one would notice that. i was confused when i put it up the second time, whatever i said the first time was right. good catch 🙂

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