Coffeehouse Reprise

16 05 2010

Coffeehouse is an annual performance event that the MSA at VCU organizes.  This year they had some great performances from pretty diverse genres.  Check out the links to the artists’ pages to hear some of their work.

Bo! Hi-Z Selectah!

Dj Hi-Z Supreme is shown here setting up for his performance alongside Sirraj L.K. at Coffeehouse.


My cousin holds it down on stage with a few pieces.  AYZ is also an art/film student at VCU, check out the (winning) music video his group submitted for the Coffeehouse Film Competition: Islam Forever.

Uyghur 'n Out

Arafat sang some nasheeds at Coffeehouse, with the help of a tabla player.  Here he is working the crowd.  Earlier in the day, he performed traditional Uyghur songs at the Intercultural Festival, representing his culture at a campus-wide event.

Iris Divine

Heavy Metal band Iris Divine was featured at Coffeehouse with a performance that surprised everyone.  I think this was the first Muslim event I’ve been to with a hardcore heavy metal band headlining, and people actually enjoyed it!  To their credit, they’re a great band, check out their music online: Iris Divine

Luse Kannons

Local Richmond hip-hop heavyweight, Sirraj L.K., made an appearance at Coffeehouse to share new material.  Check out his music online too: Sirraj L.K.

Future Creators

Sirraj L.K. featured some children from a local Islamic academy to play drums on stage during his performance.  Before the show, the kids were excited about being at the event and seemed to have a great time throughout the night.


Ausim shows off his cool shirt, featured in the video for Islam Forever.  LED lights moved up and down like an equalizer to all sound/music nearby.  Check out the video if you still haven’t seen it:  Islam Forever

Jam Session

These students waited for their chance to jam on stage and finally got a chance at the very end of the show.  Students did a great job of sharing their creative talents with the community.  It helped that the audience was very supportive and receptive to the diverse genres of performances that came across the stage that night.  Coffeehouse is a great event, with an inspirational legacy that’s always had a profound impact on me and many others in the community.  InshaAllah, it continues to inspire others 🙂




2 responses

16 05 2010

Awesome photos! I’m glad you got to come this year! 🙂 The performances were really great.

18 04 2011

i want that LED shirtttt!

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