Winna Time: In

4 04 2010

This is part 2 of the Winter posts.  The first were pictures taken from events and trips during the cold season.  These are all pictures from the usual cozy chilling indoors.  We had plenty of opportunity to stay in this winter, after record-setting snowfalls for our region, something like 30 inches in 3 weeks?  It was ridiculous, but definitely memorable.

Midnight Sunset

My street, after the blizzard hit.  This was before we got the 28+ inches, there was a nice white blanket throughout the region regardless.  This was taken sometime around 2am.

All White Everything

My parents celebrated their 25th anniversary in January 🙂  We had some people over to help us enjoy the occasion.  As usual, the adults did their thing, the kids got together with my bro and got into some xbox, and Saad and I got to finally catch up like old times.  Saad chillin in my room here, while I show him how bright the flash on the camera can be.


I found this baby in my dining room during the anniversary dinner so I took her picture.  I think this was before we cut the cake, so she was watching someone wield a really big knife with epic concern.

Wild Winter

My neighbor’s house after one of the more mild snowstorms we had this winter. (Click image for large resolution)


It’s become normal practice for friends to gather in Amer’s basement and chill, play poker, and enjoy one another’s company.  During the blizzard, we gathered less frequently, but still came together when we could to get that fix.  Arsalan came home for the weekend from college and dropped by to spend some time.

A Boy and His Books

One of the defining elements of Amer’s basement is his wall of books.  His collection spans multiple, full-size bookshelves with hundreds of books.  He’s one of the few people I know who actually reads!  Like…for fun.  It’s kind of incredible.

Laughter Rx

Ali drops by occasionally and graces us with his presence.  He stays pretty busy with medical school in Richmond, but manages to squeeze in some good chuckle time with his peeps.


This is a shot from my 35mm SLR camera.  As you can see, there’s a huge difference in the quality and colors.  I havent edited the image at all, I like the feel of it as is.  Vintage Kamil, sporting his usual neutral glare.


Winna Time: Out

4 04 2010

I finally upgraded back to a DSLR.  The same one I had before in fact, Pentax K10D.  So far, so good 🙂  Picking the same camera back up had its advantages, I didn’t need much time to adjust to it, pretty much got right into it and started taking pics I was happy with.  So, after a few months of collecting shots, I think I have enough to put together a nice, meaty post.  My updates are becoming almost seasonal aren’t they? I split the Winter updates into 2 posts, check em out.

Turkish Delight

We took a road trip to NYC in January for a concert at the Apollo, organized by IMAN.  It was an amazing show!  We got to hang in Brooklyn with Bilal for a few days and he took us to this great Turkish restaurant around his way.  Dahman intently gettin into the meal in this pic…

Dr. J

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Fareed came to the ADAMS Center for the Winter ALIM program recently.  I was asked to do photography for the event, this is one of the shots of Dr. Jackson teaching about….something?  I forgot.  It was heavy though.

You can view the rest of the event pictures on my Flickr page.

BK Bilal

You know when you’re traveling and you meet someone you’re staying with after a long absence, and they stay up really late to let you in, and you’re all just vibing and catching up, and there’s that happy/tranquil/satisfied feeling you get  because you’ve reached your destination, met with your friends/family and can finally rest?  This was in the midst of that type of encounter, at Bilal’s place in Brooklyn, around 5am.


Amer, looking out for the train to Manhatten from Brooklyn.  Amer and I had a friendly photography competition, using pictures we both took during our NYC trip.  The theme was “Words” and we had a group of friends vote on the submissions.  Here’s my (winning) shot.  And Amer’s.  This is me rubbing in the fact that the vote was unanimous.

Dr. F

Dr. Muneer Fareed at the Winter ALIM event at ADAMS Center.  The ALIM summer intensive is an amazing program.  I had the privilege of attending 4 years ago and would highly recommend it to anyone that’s interested.  Dr. Jackson and Dr. Fareed are the core scholars for the program.  Here, Dr. Fareed is taking one of his usual pauses to let his gems marinate amongst the students.

Caught Red-Meated

The IMAN team hosted a lunch meeting with the volunteers from the IMAN DC initiative before the Apollo show at this nice restaurant in Harlem.  Amer’s sisters tagged along and sat in the corner…stuffing their faces.

I wasn’t able to take any pictures inside the Apollo of the event, but there were some real photographers doing their thing inside.  Here are some event pics from one of my favorite photographers: