Obama Nation!

7 02 2009

Ok, so this is old news now, I’ve been delayed in putting up some pictures that I’ve been collecting over the past few weeks.  I had the opportunity of going to the Inauguration of President Obama in D.C., with some friends and family.  It was quite the experience.  Here are some pictures from that morning.





At the metro station, waiting for the train to get into D.C., Amer and Z were getting hyped up.  They were giving away free papers commemorating the inauguration, and Amer was happy to show his off.



The Long Run

The Long Run

I’ve never seen so many people in D.C., it was unreal.  The amazing thing was that, even though it was so cold and people were packed so tight together, we never saw anyone losing their cool.  Everyone was just happy to be there and was excited to see the man himself.  Here we are walking along Independence Ave I think, trying to find an opening into the Mall, so we can hop in front of  a Jumbotron.  We ended up getting stuck right after this, and everyone stopped moving for like 15 mins.  Eventually, we spotted people hopping over the barrier and getting through on one side, so we made our way over and got out into the Mall.  Finally 🙂



Welcome To The Capitol

Welcome To The Capitol

As you can see, we were pretty far back.  We were maybe like a mile away from the Capitol, and the entire space in front of us was jam-packed with people, huddled closely togther, waiting for the event to begin.



That's Him!

That's Him!

Whenever Obama came on screen, people went nuts!  You could hear the whole area erupt into cheers.  Similarly, whenever Bush would come on screen, everyone would start booing and yelling out insults.  Being able to publicly boo Bush, with a few million other people, at his last official appearance as President was so utterly satisfying.  As soon as Obama finished speaking, we had to dart our way out of the Mall to find a faster way out of the city.  It took us about 4 hours to get into the city, when it normally takes only 40 mins.  On the way out, we decided to just walk along the freeway, since they had closed it down, to the next nearest metro stop, outside of the city.




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