My December

23 12 2008

Ever since winter started, I haven’t really taken too many pictures.  These are actually collected from the past 2 or 3 months.   Cheque it out.


Emo Sunshine

Emo Sunrise

On my last visit to Richmond, I crashed with Tayeeb at his new place.   This was right when he was waking up.


Foggy Top

Foggy Top

Surprise, surprise!  Another road trip to Philly.  This time we were returning for the 2nd MANA conference.  It was a great outing, and an amazing conference.  The weather was sort of icky, as you can see…


Txt Mnstr

Txt Mnstr

Between sessions at MANA, we were wandering around the convention center.  We just got through rummaging the bazaar, and were trying to figure out which place to get cheesesteaks from.





The man himself, performing at the Night of Sawa open-mic event in Lorton.  Raef came all the way down from MD to share some of his songs with the group.  Here he was, singing his song, Bread & Circus.  Jamal was captivated, as you can see..


Group Effort

Group Effort

Ibrahim brought up some friends to help him sing some spiritual songs at the Night of Sawa.  I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for the 25 minute performance that took place, but I’m sure they enjoyed it…



Lettin It Marinate

We went out to East West Grill for dinner.  Most of us ordered cheesesteaks.  Zahra was sitting contemplative for almost half the time, and not eating.  Eventually, we found out she had put ketchup on her sandwich, and wanted to wait until it really settled in before eating it.  That’s dedication.


Modern Sculpture

Modern Sculpture

At Kabob Palace (or “KP”, as I found it’s also called), a group of us were waiting for food and Jamal created a wonderful sculpture.  He hadn’t quite worked out all of the details, so his finger played a critical role in holding it all together.




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