SLR Action

24 11 2008

I’m growing more and more fond of SLR cameras and really want to invest in a Digital SLR.  I got a chance to mess around with one that a friend has, and I’m posting some of those pictures here.  There are also pictures that I took over the summer with my 35mm SLR camera in this post as well.  It’s an SLR festival!


Going Green

Going Green

Oct 2008

I was using Nadia’s camera (left) at a DC Green Muslims meeting in DC.  Here, she’s taking the minutes of the meeting while Muhammad (right) leads some discussion on planning upcoming events.


The Legend

The Legend

The Umair Khan.  At a trip to Smith Mountain Lake with some old VCU heads, Umair, who is a Judo master, was taking a break from all the fishing/swimming/sunburning/skull-cracking to check his email.  




Muhammad enjoys a nice hot cup of tea while facilitating a discussion at a meeting for the DC Green Muslims.


Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect

Hanif, Sadiq and Frog row out in a canoe on Smith Mountain Lake and go exploring.  I had an episode with that very canoe earlier in the trip, but we won’t go into details on that…




Nadia was concentrating on the discussion at the DC Green Muslims meeting so she could write out the minutes in an organized diagram to help with the planning of future events.


Morning, Sleepyhead

Morning, Sleepyhead

Shak just woke up and went straight for a bowl of cereal.  Not often do you get to enjoy a nice breakfast on a deck, overlooking Smith Mountain Lake.  He was too sleepy to really notice though.




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