The Open Water

19 11 2008

For Father’s Day, our community organized a fishing trip out in the Chesepeake Bay.  My dad was super excited and me and my brother were like, eh…whatever, but we were with it for my dad.  At the last minute, he bailed out, cuz he hurt his ankle, and…for some reason…me and my brother ended up going anyways.  I’m seriously not a fan of fishing, but, the boat ride was pretty nice.  Here are some pictures of the shenanigans at the fatherless Father’s Day Fishing Trip.


Ready For It

Ready For It

June 2008

Somebody came super prepared…Billal’s dad was chillin with the uncles and enjoying a good laugh while we waited for the captain to drive us out into the deep water.


King of The World

King of The World

I was having a Leonardo DiCaprio moment at the front of the boat, while the captain drove out into open water.  You know what I’m talking about.




Jawad’s dad was blending in surprisingly well with his surroundings.  Even his hair was flowing at the same angle as the fishing poles…those fish didn’t stand a chance!




Yousuf was catchin some hardcore nap action on the boat.  We were out there for a pretty long time, starting really early in the morning.  Everyone was a bit tired…


Personal Guard

Personal Guard

My brother wasn’t really keeping guard, Ayyaz just happened to fall asleep on one of the only benches in the boat, so we had to sit around him.  Later, my uncle held a fish up under his nose.  It made for a pretty funny picture, but sadly, it didn’t wake him up.


Ridin' th Waves

Ridin' The Waves

Sami was chillin with the shades while we headed back to shore after a long day of fish hunting.


The Catch

The Catch

There lies half of our catch, the other half was in another cooler.




One response

21 11 2008

oh woow. i wana go fishing! hahaaa
did u eat all of that?

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