Summatime in the District

19 11 2008

I been tryinna branch out and meet new people, so I’ve been hitting up DC more often to hang out with the awesome people that live up there.  I got invited to a picnic in DC during the summer, so there are some pictures from that, and other ventures into the city…


Double Entendre

Double Entendre

June 2008

I like this picture alot, because I was trying to make Lena (right) and NJ (center) both the subjects for the picture simultaneously.  I think the fact that the lens on my digital camera isn’t very powerful allowed me to do that, without blurring out one or the other.




This was the first time I got to meet NJ.  She was super duper cool.  She’s an amazing architect and photographer, check out her website.




Amir was a nice kid that was at the picnic.  He’s originally from Alabama.  It was pretty interesting actually, most of the young professionals at the picnic were from places all over the country, very few were actually locals. 




This was probably around the 4th of July in Georgetown.  Zaynab was expressing her deep partiotic love for the flags atop the lamppost, while an airplane flew by her right ear.




Zaynab and Mariam sharing a moment under some foliage in Georgetown.




My youth group took a trip to Mandarin Halal Chinese in Springfield for a guys’ dinner.  Here, you can see all the food laid out, while it still lasted…




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21 11 2008

awww cute pic of zaynab and mariam 🙂 mA.

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