A Land Called…

3 11 2008

I finally graduated from college in May.  My whole family came down for the ceremony and afterwards we went to eat and chill in Maymont park before I headed out of good ol’ Richmond.  I had never actually fully explored the park in the 5 years that I was in the city, I really missed out.  This was a nice way to wrap up the college experience though.  There’s quite a few pictures that I really like from this day and I had a hard time cutting them down, so this is a longer post.  Hope you like them as much as I do.


Rosy Cheeks

Rosy Cheeks

May 2008

My cousin was trying to smuggle out a rose from Maymont’s garden.  I caught him!  



Statuesque Stature

My uncle came down from Fredericksburg for the ceremony.  Here we are in the convention center afterwards, waiting for everyone to get together so we can go eat.


In The Wild

Into The Wild

Maymont has pathways that take you through trees and over small hills to lead from one part of the park to the next.  My uncle was standing in front of one of the paths that comes out of the woods and leads into a big opening with a waterfall.  Here, he’s taking pictures of everyone posing in front of the water.




This is the waterfall that’s in the park.  As soon as we found it, my uncle and cousin darted down to get as close as they could to the water.


Happy Family

Happy Family

My mom and dad were having a good ol’ time by the water.


Priceless View

So Tropical

The park had some amazing views, I was really impressed.  Parts of it would seriously make you doubt this was in Richmond. 


Take You Under My Wing

Take You Under My Wing

My uncle got this sudden urge to stand on one of the poles along the pathway.  Naturally, he was joined by my cousin.


Paying Respects

Paying Respects

My uncle wandered off and found some sort of memorial.  It looks like he was visiting a grave, though I highly doubt that’s what it was.  I still don’t know what exactly he was doing there, but I love that tree behind him.




There was a beautiful lake in the park, surrounded by colorful trees and flowers.  Here, we were getting close to sunset and we were making our way out of the park.



 My cousin was taking pictures of another uncle-cousin pole-standing fiasco that occurred later on.  




Good thing people listened to that sign.  My uncle was chillin on a wall that lets you look out to the entire park.  It was a beautiful sight, especially when the sun was setting.


Final Bend

Final Bend

The family trekked towards the exit as the park was about to close. 


Get Close

 In front of the steps that lead into the waterfall area, my uncle was being goofy while I was taking some pictures.



This little area was set up probably for a wedding or something.  My brother and cousins sat down on our way past and randomly started applauding.



Yes, I think this was the restroom in Maymont Park.  Pretty classy.




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