Sand City

30 10 2008

This turned into a surprise road trip.  We originally just intended to go hang out at Shazi’s crib in VA Beach, but I didn’t realize how far it was.  It was a nice, chill weekend.  It wasn’t quite beach weather, even though it was May.  All in all, it was a good trip.





May 2008

The drive was long, so I was just messing around with my camera in the front seat while Amer drove.  He had a little tribal mask hanging from his mirror and I angled the shot to line it up with his face.  Came out pretty interesting.



Lost in the Lights

Night Rider

While Amer was driving at night, I used some blur action to catch some lights streaking across.  I like how this effect turned out.



Under the Lights

Under the Lights

We made a midnight trip to the beach.  It was all nice and relaxing until it started raining.  The sand was fairly well-lit by the lights on top of the hotels that line the shore.


Tea Time

Tea Time

Sadiq and Shazi took a seat by the window in a coffeeshop we visited in downtown VA Beach.  



Marcus waited for the shower to free up in the morning while lounging around Shazi’s apartment in one of his robes.




One response

1 11 2008

I really like the first picture in this post. of course all ur pics are good, but i like that first one because i went shopping today and all the jewelry i saw was very ‘tribal’. and that pendant looks asian. is amer asian? or is it just something he found and hung in his car lol

oh and another thing, your eye is really freaky…like i can’t stop looking…and cringing at the same time lol. I mean just cuz it’s so close! and so it looks like it’s being forced to stay open. aahhh

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