Skippin’ Out

27 10 2008

A group of VCU hooligans headed up to Newark, NJ for the MSA National East Zone conference in April.  The road trip crew saw this as an opportunity to find cheap hotels, a stone’s throw away from the big apple.  So, we rode up to NYC on the Chinatown bus and did some essplorin.  



Can't Tell Me Nothin'

Train Game

 April 2008

Leaving Newark on a path train.  Sarwar had to put his hard look on, you can’t be all smiley and happy when you ride into NYC.  




Timeless Reflection

Taking a break in Central Park.  Tayeeb and Sarwar look out across a pond in the northern end of the park towards a symmetrical reflection of the buildings along the edges



Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo

Sarwar was explaining the phrase, “Can’t See Me” to me by waving his hand in front of his face while we were waiting for our train.  



Bust It

Bust It

A crowd gathered around to watch a man in Times Sq who was making a sculpture of a customer’s head.  Sure beats a caricature.





Visiting the Ground Zero construction site.  Still a giant pit, but always a somber part of the city.



On the DL

Best Buds

The three of us were sitting at the edge of a pond in Central Park.  Can ya guess who’s who by lookin at the shoes?



The Glitter

The Glitter

My boys paused for a moment under some lights to take in all of the flash at Times Sq.



Fast Life

Fast Life

We chilled in Union Sq for a bit and did some people-watching.  It was nice to take a break from the high-speed pace of the city.



Must See

Must See

With Chicken Guy leftovers in hand, we headed back towards the subway to go to the hotel for the night.  We passed by 30 Rock, where NBC Studios is based.  Sadly, there were no celebrity sightings on this trip.  There were plenty of crazy people sightings…but no celebrities.




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