Next Stage

17 10 2008

I finally developed the rolls and got to see how the pictures were turning out, and I was really pleased that they didn’t completely suck.  So, I guess that gave me confidence to start venturing out with the manual cameras some more.  I also picked up a fisheye lens from ebay.  The quality of it is highly questionable, but it still makes for some pretty interesting shots.



Feb 2008

This is def one of my favorite pictures.  I drove around one night with my camera and a tripod that I bought from CVS, which completely sucked and ended up breaking.  I was experimenting with taking night shots and I took a bunch of pictures of the Richmond skyline.  For this one, I ended up next to the James River, over the hill from the Hollywood Cemetary.  I think this picture really mixes that eerie element with the downtown feeling that makes this part of the city unique.



Mar 2008

I hyped up Philly so much at home that my family wanted to check it out.  So, during spring break, we all took a road trip up for a few days.  Here, we ended up at Penn’s Landing, which was great, but just extremely cold this time of year.  I couldn’t be in the group picture, so my mom saved a spot for me 🙂


Had Enough

Mar 2008

The cold was really starting to get to everyone.  Shortly after this, we were finally on our way back home after an interesting weekend roadtrip with the family.



Mar 2008

Dahman usually becomes a regular subject in my photography, because he’s generally around whenever I feel like experimenting with anything.  The day I got my fisheye lens, I ran up into his room and got really close to his head with it, and got him to turn around.  I quickly snapped this picture, which probably caught him off guard, he was in the middle of writing some paper.

Light Balls

Light Rail

Mar 2008

On another night of adventurous photography, I ended up near the river again and took this picture of a guardrail.  The lights in the background are from streetlamps that illuminate the ramp for the highway in the distance.




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