Urban Portraits

14 10 2008

One of my favorite things to photograph, if you haven’t figured out by now, is people.  I love doing portraits.  Luckily, my friends are pretty easy on the eyes, that really helps 🙂  Most of these are actually from the 123 porch, and all of them are candid.





Shak is hit by the sun’s rays as it sets.  This is my favorite time of day to take pictures, the color of the light is just amazing.  He sits amongst a group of friends, taking a relaxing break from school and chilling in the Student Commons at VCU.





Dahman has an opportunity to meet up with an old friend in the Student Commons and they all share some jokes that remind them of the good ol’ days.  


All Chuckles

All Chuckles

Sarwar sits with a group of good friends on the steps of 123, laughing, chilling, and of course…smoking shisha.  I switched over to B&W to capture most of these shots.


The Freshest

The Freshest

Naveed, who was a freshman at VCU at the time, takes in some smoke on the 123 steps with some friends.  



Shout Outs To Santa


Sarwar blows out a thick cloud of white smoke that covers part of his face.  Almost looks like a nice, big, white beard, no?



Mufti, chillin with the group, with the cobblestone alley behind her.


10 Cents A Day

10 Cents A Day

Close-up on Mufti while she was talking.



Where I'm From

Where I'm From

 Dahman gives me a look while he’s chillin on the steps.  Behind him, a pair of sneakers hang from a wire.  I tried many times, unsuccessfully, to get those down.




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