10 10 2008

I couldn’t help it.  I had to go back.  We took another trip to Philly, just me and Ali this time.  We went up for the first MANA conference, in downtown Philly.  It was a really good trip, and an amazing conference.  I def plan to go again next time around, iA.



Students in the Shade

Students in the Shade


We went back to AICP, and of course to Saad’s.  While we were at AICP, there was a small class being taught in the corner.  I was taking a few pictures, b/c it looked really nice.  Afterwards, some guy started asking me all these questions about why I was taking pictures and everything…I guess he was paranoid that I was spying on them or something.  



Here it Comes...

Here it Comes...

This was on our drive back.  The clouds kept covering the sun.  Right here is where they began to part and the sunlight started to stream through even more.  It was even more beautiful in reality, this picture doesn’t do justice.




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