Look UP

10 10 2008


The weather was pretty foggy at night, which actually made the tall buildings look pretty amazing.  Here are some of the buildings we saw around NYC and Jersey City.




City Hall

City Hall


City Hall was surrounded by a misty glow that made it look pretty amazing.



Where's the Top?

Where'd it Go?

The top of this building in Jersey City is completely hidden in the fog.



Ground Zero

Ground Zero

There was lots of light around the Ground Zero construction site at night.  Everything glowed really bright in the fog.




30 Rock

30 Rock

The Rockefeller Center, home of NBC Studios.  There’s an ice rink at the bottom of the building, just below the statue.  The actual building is much taller than what you see here, my lens couldn’t really capture the whole thing…




One response

14 10 2008

city hall looks like a twin of a famous hotel in downtown TO

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