Hall of Fame

10 10 2008

The Graffitti Hall of Fame is on 106 & Park Ave.  Yes, BET based the show on a real place, and yes, it’s much cooler than the show.  It’s basically a giant outdoor basketball court, next to a school, and the walls are just covered with art.  Every so often, they’ll go and paint over it and allow a new wave of art to get thrown up.  Here’s some stuff from our visit to the Graffitti Hall of Fame.



Poster Boy

Poster Boy


Ok, so there isn’t really any graffitti in this picture, but it’s still one of my fave pictures.  Tayeeb’s rockin that MSA National shirt while Dahman is…yes, texting, again.  





Oussama wanted to make sure he would have proof of being at the Hall of Fame.



At Every Turn

At Every Turn

There was graffitti everyyyywhere…and it was all so sickkk.



It's Official

It's Official

Tayeeb stares at all the artwork, while I catch him in front of the tagline.




One response

11 10 2008

so this isn’t a comment about a particular pic just yet cuz i didn’t know where to post this comment… but YAYY you did it!
I like. You really do have a talent for this. masha Allah.

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