A Return

10 10 2008

More road trips.  Yes, a 3rd trip to Philly.  But, I’m not complaining, I have a blast everytime.  This time one of Dahman’s childhood friends was visiting from Chicago, so we went to Philly and NYC in one weekend to show em around.  Here are some pictures from the Philly side of the trip.



What Do You See?

What Do You See?


Oussama and Tayeeb look out across the Delaware river that borders Philly on the East side, over to Camden, NJ.  Dahman fiddles around with his camera in the background.  Penn’s Landing, where the picture was taken, is a nice little boardwalk spot that’s an awesome place to hangout when the weather is nice.

Pale Comparison

Pale Comparison

Oussama walks in front of the Ben Franklin Bridge, which connects Philly to Camden and crosses the Delaware River.



It's In Hue Too

It's In Hue Too

The Ben Franklin Bridge at night.





The entrance to a shop on South St. in Philly is covered with art and graffitti.  This was a shoe/clothing store, very Philly.




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