Chi-mond Life

9 10 2008

Another road trip, my friend.  This time, the road trip crew heads out to Chicago for the ISNA Convention.  The trip was plenty fun, but I wish we could’ve spent more time in the city.  We ended up being in the convention hall for the overwhelming majority of the weekend.  I did sneak out with the car halfway through the conference and cruise around the city on my own…The pictures I took while driving weren’t really that great.  There’s only one from the city that I really liked.  The others are actually from the conference itself.

Streets On Fire

Streets On Fire


I don’t remember which intersection this was at.  But, as I was standing at a red light, I took a picture of the pedestrians crossing the street in front of me.

The Go

The Go


This was taken of the Chicago skyline as we drove past downtown to get to the convention hall and hotel.  And, since I’m on the subject of the Chicago skyline, here’s an interesting t-shirt I got online with a tetris version of the skyline:


Tetrisss, Loves it.

One and Only

One and Only

Dr. Muneer Fareed is the Secretary-General of ISNA and one of my teachers from the ALIM program back in 2006.  He’s incredibly intellectual and very practical at the same time.  Here, he was part of a panel discussion at the conference and was listening to a question from the audience.  Look at that intensity!



Here we have Imam Magid, Imam and Executive Director of the ADAMS Center.  He’s currently the VP of ISNA, and is very well-known for his knowledge and his leadership.  ADAMS Center is one of the premier mosques in North America, thanks to the work and guidance put in by individuals like Imam Magid.

Legendary Lefty

Legendary Lefty

What can be said about Sheikh Hamza Yusuf?  He’s world-renowned for his intense knowledge and wisdom, and his ability to relate to the community.  Whenever he speaks at a session anywhere, he packs up, books up and sells out every venue he appears in, AH.  Here, he appears in the bazaar, at the booth for the Zaytuna Institute, of which he is the Founder and Director.  He’s signing one of his many publications for visitors to his booth.




One response

11 10 2008

OMG. I was ADDICTED to tetris.

and great shot of Sheikh Hamza Yusuf 😉

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