Time For Trouble

8 10 2008

There was an opportunity for me to participate in some sort of meeting aimed at mobilizing the Muslim community in an activist sense.  The meeting was supposed to have taken place in Washington D.C., in one of the government buildings that are there.  Supposedly, the reservation for the meeting never went through and was cancelled before the actual date of the event, but the organizer El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan, claimed it to be a last-minute conspiracy-type attempt pulled by the government to discriminate against the Muslims.  It all seemed a bit shady to me, at least.  While we were waiting outside of the building, people were talking and trying to figure out exactly what had happened, and naturally, I took a few pictures.


Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye


Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce two very talented individuals, marsOne (left) and Z40 (right).  Both, skilled artists in their own right, teamed up to cover this event from a journalistic standpoint.  They could be seen mingling with the other individuals present, interviewing them to get their opinion on what had occurred.  This was a picture taken while they both listened carefully to what Mauri’ said as he addressed his audience to explain the situation.



Pulling Strings?

Pulling Strings?

After speaking, Mauri’ spent about an hour or so calling people, trying to find alternate locations to hold his meeting.  Eventually, he found a location in MD that was available.  This is where I peaced out, b/c…I pretty much try to avoid MD whenever possible.  Nothing personal, I just don’t like the place. 😛




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