8 10 2008

That’s right, road trip!  During the summer, me and 2 friends really wanted to take a road trip somewhere and were debating on where to visit.  Tayeeb threw in the idea of going to Philly and we were like..ehhh…what the heck is in Philly??  But…alas, we eventually caved in and decided to check it out.  BEST TRIP EVER!!  Philly was so much fun that I ended up visiting it again 4 more times within the next year.  Def one of my fave cities.  Check out some pictures from that first trip…



A Legendary View

A Legendary View


We went along the Ben Franklin Pkwy upto the art museum, which is where the famous Rocky steps are.  At the top of the steps, there’s actually an imprint in the concrete of Rocky’s footsteps, where you can stand and look out at the city.  Tayeeb was enjoying the view when I caught him reppin that brand from another land.



International Acclaim

International Acclaim

Here’s a better look at the view of the city from the top of the steps.  In Urban Design, this is called a vista, where the eye naturally follows the lines made by the trees, flags, or other monuments up to an important point in the center.  At the center of this vista is the City Hall building of Philadelphia, which is beautiful in and of itself.  All along the sides of this street, the Ben Franklin Pkwy, there are flags from every country in the world, all lined up in alphabetical order (mostly).



Monumental Anticipation

Monumental Anticipation

In front of the Art Museum, there is a monument in honor of William Penn and the original inhabitants and settlers of Philadelphia.  These particular statues were poised, with weapons in their hands, looking off into the distance as if waiting for something to come and attack.  Even though they’re inanimate, I still find alot of vigor in the way they’re portrayed.



Surmountable Heights

Surmountable Heights

This is a structure in downtown Philly.  I thiiink it’s part of Temple University, I remember seeing that red “T” somewhere when I took this picture.  This was really the most striking thing about the building though, the way it just seems to go on and on…



Oblivious Bliss

Oblivious Bliss

Near the Art Museum there is a fountain on Ben Franklin Pkwy that has huge statues and a big pool around it.  We went during the summer and it was especially hot that day, so there was a sizable crowd of people, especially kids, in and around the water.  It was incredibly refreshing.  Here Tayeeb was enjoying being under the path of the water as it sprayed out of the fountain.




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