Camera Phone

6 10 2008

Before my digital camera, I messed around with photography primarily with the camera in my cell phone.  At the time, I thought the pictures were amazing, but looking back now…I’m not so impressed.  There are a few however that stand out to me, mostly because I like the composition or the angle of the shot.  I think if I had just used a better camera to take the same pictures they would’ve turned out pretty awesome.



Stay Fly 'Til I Die

Stay Fly 'Til I Die 4/3/06

Me and Amer took an adventure through the streets of Richmond and wandered into an open-air sewage tunnel. We call it The Aqueduct, I think it’s really called the Ginter Park Creek or something…not important. What’s amazing is that the walls of this entire tunnel are lined with graffiti and art from a bunch of different people.

The whole tunnel is something like 2 miles long, and is pretty much full of art. Obviously, once we found it, we had to see it through all the way to the end. I took pictures of most of the art, but this is one that I just liked because of what it says.

I don’t think the aqueduct is still intact anymore, last I saw, the city was re-routing it’s path. It’s possible that they tore down the walls, destroying the art that was on it. I haven’t been back in a few years, but if I ever do end up down there again, I’ll be sure to update with some decent pictures.



Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet 7/14/06

In 2006 I was able to attend the ALIM program in Livonia, MI. As part of this one-month intensive, we would be given opportunities to visit many of the Islamic Centers around the area. One of the centers we visited was the Islamic Center of America, which claims to be the largest mosque in North America. It was a beautiful structure, and the people were very nice and seemed extremely organized.

This picture is of the carpet in their main prayer hall. My camera phone didn’t do justice to any other part of their facility, but I like the way this turned out. After I took this, I started to photograph the carpets at each of the masjids that we would visit. This one still takes the cake I think 😉



Zu Zu

Zu Zu 7/23/06

This is from the Canton Mosque in Canton, MI. We had an overnight program at this masjid during our summer intensive. This is a picture I took of Zuhair during one of the lectures.



Detroit, What!

Detroit, What! 7/29/06

This is the last of the camera phone pictures! On one of our visits to local community centers, we stopped by downtown Detroit and visited the boardwalk. Here some ALIM students are sitting on a bench after praying. I think it’s Lake Michigan that was in front of us, with Canada being on the other side.

This was a nice little moment where we got to enjoy the scene and chill for a little bit before being rushed around again. Detroit itself was kinda ehhh…but this was a beautiful part of the city.




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